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What is holistic dentistry?


At Advanced Family Dental we believe that treating the "whole person", or seeing your dental well-being in the context of your overall health, is the wisest and best way to approach any dental treatment situation. We do this while inflicting the least amount of harm in any course of treatment, according to the Holistic Dental Association & the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology.

"The understanding of the relationship between how the teeth can affect the rest of the body, based on the nutrition and lifestyle habits of the person, is the key to each individual‘s dental treatment care. We offer more than one treatment plan, that may include several different dental material options based on the patient’s unique personal needs."

Amalgam fillings (before) naturally appealing filling (after)

Before After


The American Dental Association (ADA) assures us that the silver/mercury amalgam filling, which have been used to fill cavities for the past 160 years, are perfectly safe. We feel that there other more naturally pleasing materials available. It is obvious that resin composite restorations are more esthetic than amalgam restorations. We also adhere to the guidelines recommended by the IAOMT when treating teeth with failing amalgam fillings being replaced with a non-metal alternative treatment. We also offer metal-free crown & bridge work when requested and applicable. Our patient’s biocompatible considerations is what makes us adhere to the practice philosophy of holistic dentistry, as well as the fact that it just makes good sense.

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