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16325 Middlebelt Road
Livonia, Michigan 48154

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Our Practice

Hello and Welcome

Thank You for your interest in our office. The entire dental staff is dedicated not only to restoring patient’s teeth and gums to health, but focuses on preventative care and patient education. Our office has a small, friendly atmosphere that puts our patients at ease. You won’t find a crowded waiting room or have trouble scheduling timely appointments.

We treat each and every person that enters our office as we would our family or ourselves..........with kindness, care, warmth and concern. While providing the best dental treatment possible, patients will be provided with the knowledge and training necessary to maintain their oral health for a lifetime.

Earning your trust is the most important thing that we strive to accomplish. Taking the time on the first appointment to get to know YOU and your priorities helps to open honest communications about what you want, not what we want for you. Time for a complete thorough exam is time well spent. Setting goals, both short-term and long-term and then implementing these goals is critical to maintaining your dental (and overall) health.

Prevention can mean many different things, for myself it can best be defined as being "proactive".............. placing small conservative white fillings early on permanent molars so as to prevent the need for large fillings.............. a crown on a tooth that has multiple cracked fillings(detected with our intra-oral camera), rather than waiting for the cracks to deepen and then root canal therapy becomes necessary. There are many more examples of proactive preventive dentistry, and it is an area that we pride ourselves in our commitment.



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