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Sterilization Procedure


Heat-Steam Sterilization

All instruments and hand pieces (drills) used in this office are Heat-Steam Sterilized in an oven called an Autoclave, identical to what is used in a hospital operating room, after each and every patient.

Other supplies used in your treatment are made of plastic or paper and are used only once, then properly disposed of.

The metal instrument containers, as well as the instruments and hand picks, occasionally may appear to be slightly tarnished. This is due to the repeated high temperature sterilization procedure they are subjected to between each patient, and can not be prevented.

Wash & Scrub InstrumentsRemoves loose debris from the surface of the instruments.

Soak & Disinfectant with sonic vibrations for 15 minutes Kills and removes harmful microorganisms from instruments.

Bagging Instruments are placed in a sealed pack to protect them during autoclaving.

Autoclave Using steam, the instruments are pressure (heat steamed) cooked until they are completely free of living organisms.

Monthly testing of our sterilization equipment at a Chicago based testing company, to insure equipment is sterilizing to the highest standard of patient safety.

Chemical disinfections All items that cannot tolerate high heat, such as plastics, are disinfected in a chemical solution formulated to kill infectious bacteria and viruses.

One-time use items Many items are single-use and are disposed of after each patient. This includes all syringes (needles) and saliva ejectors (the plastic tips on the suction tube which are placed in the mouth to remove saliva). The rubber cups which hold the paste used to polish your teeth are disposed of after each visit. The attachment which holds it on the handpiece, called a prophy angle, is also carded after each use.

Surface decontamination and barriers All surfaces (counter tops, dental chair, light handles, etc.) are disinfected with a chemical solution again formulated to kill infectious bacteria, spores, and viruses. Barriers (paper covers etc.) are used whenever possible.

Disposable gloves and masks Gloves and masks are worn to prevent transmission of disease between you and us (both ways), as well as providing protection from transmitting any diseases between you and another patient in the office. Gloves are never used on more than one patient.

We continually monitor our procedures. If you have a specific question about anything pertaining to compliance with OSHA, Centers for infection control procedure, Disease Control (CDC), or Dental Association recommendations and would like to schedule an appointment please contact us.

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