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TMJ Disorders and Occlusal Problems


Do you get frequent headaches?

Do your jaws “pop” or “click” when you chew?

Are your gums receding?

Are your teeth sensitive to cold?

All of these are symptoms that can be related to your bite (the way your teeth come together) and/or a problem in the tempormandibular joint (TMJ). We can determine if you have a problem by careful examination of your teeth and jaws. Recording all of the symptoms you are experiencing, taking a TMJ radiograph, and making diagnostic models of your teeth are examples of a complete TMJ examination. If a problem is found, treatment may include any or all of the following:

1.) Application of moist heat

2.) Taking an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen

3.) Adjustment of the bite; selectively adjusting certain surfaces of your teeth

4.) Fabrication of an appliance to be worn at night

5.) Relaxation exercising and techniques of the facial muscles

With a thorough examination and treatment plan, we can eliminate many of the symptoms associated with occlusal problems and TMJ disorders. To schedule an initial consultation or for immediate assistance call (734) 266-2050 and be sure to mention you found us online.


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